Samuel R. Orr

Sam Orr died Tuesday May 9th, 2000. He expressed to me his sincere gratitude for friends who supported him over these past difficult months. He frequently mentioned how important this was to him and how honored he felt. I hope that you will all remember him for his honesty, intelligence, and wit. I know that I will miss him. Please say a prayer for Dad.

Brad Orr

A physicist by training, engineer by career, and athlete by passion. Currently working on several publications and watching the stock market after an involuntary leave from his employer. With all this idle time I have taken to traveling the globe. Most recently I visited Michigan and saw the grandkids. When I am really lucky I get to go diving with my sons. My most recent trip was to San Salvador.

During my spare time I write articles on current events, politics and generally anything that interests me. Take a tour through my musings and let me know what you think.

Articles written by my father, Sam Orr

Sam Orr