Diving in San Sal

For the past four years I have gone diving with my sons Brad and Peter. This year Ingrid, Peter's fiancee, went too. We stayed at Riding Rock Inn. Mostly we go for the diving, but as always the people that you meet make the trip special.

We started the trip leaving Ft. Lauderdale in a small plane. Ingrid does not like small planes, I do not blame her. After flying around the thunderstorms, we landed safely. Whew! A short bus ride later, we arrived at Riding Rock, ate, and went for a swim off the beach. A very pretty place.

Next day we started diving. The diving was principally along walls with many fine displays of both fish and coral. We saw:

I like to interact with my suroundings. I like to swim hard (if I don't I sink!). In this vein I am always trying to catch a fish. Sometimes it's a big one. I had the pleasure of diving with Ingrid this year. Peter was sick so I buddied with her. (Pretty much left Brad on his own, oh well.)

We also went on a very nice tour of the island. The lighthouse gave a magnificent view of the surroundings. Even if you do not like to dive you can always lounge around the pool.

Our snorkeling adventures are legendary. One night, under the most gorgeous sky, we explored the rock jetty by the Inn. So many lobsters I stopped counting! There were also quite a few yellow stingrays, right in front of our room.

Early one morning I got up and shot the remaining film in the camera. I snorkeled out 300 yards off shore and was tracking pufferfish and queen triggers. I ventured a bit deeper and found one of the big boys. Against my better judgment I decided to swim after him and get closer. As I was free diving, he got a little interested in me. As I surfaced, he followed. At this point we both decided not to mess with each other! What I remember most was his eye. There was no doubt that I had gotten his attention, and he sure got mine.

On the last day we have a tradition of taking a long snorkel off a beautiful beach. Ingrid and Nancy enjoyed the sun, we went for a swim.

Sam Orr sorr@metrolink.net