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This Memorial Page is Dedicated to All other deceased US Navy SEALs, whether on duty or not when they left us.
Due to the sheer number of names, there are several pages. Use alphabetical links to navigate.
Names with links have separate memorials you can view.

Last Name First Name Rank/Rating Date of death
Nance Charles F. SN unknown
Nash George M. MM2 10/17/2009
Nealy John C. unknown 10/09/2004
Nealy Richard C. ENC unknown
Neill Scott A. QM1 08/15/2009
Nelms Robert R. GM2 07/29/2004
Nelson Orlin D. SN 09/11/2007
Nielson Carl E. MM2 11/20/1988
Niergarth Charles C. BMC unknown
Noakes Lindsay C. LT 1990
Norman George M. Cox 07/23/2007
Norman Roy M. HM3 02/06/91
Norris Harry J., Jr Cox 08/26/2009
Norton Thomas A. QMCM 05/13/2001
Nowack Harry F. LCDR unknown
Nush Harry R. BM1 12/12/1987
Nygreen Peter A. MoMM3 unknown
Oakley Carleton D. PO2 unknown
Ober James F. GM2 10/04/1990
O'Brien Patrick J. SN unknown
O'Brien William F. BMCM 11/05/2013
O'Connor Harry L. BMCM 04/04/2002
O'Drain John E. CAPT 01/23/2007
O'Handley John A. S1 unknown
Olafsen Olaf R. QM3 unknown
Oliver James K. unknown 12/27/99
Olivera Vincent R. BM2 unknown
Olson Robert D. LTJG 01/22/1946
Olt Joseph W., Jr. GMM2 03/19/2011
O'Neill Brad M. BMC 03/04/2000
Orr Samuel R. CMDR 05/09/2000
Osborne Bobby J. MCPO 04/19/2011
Osgood Richard L. SC2 unknown
Ostendor Henry, Jr. EM2 04/23/2009
Ostrander Ronald A. SK2 01/15/2003
O'Toole Edwin D.   10/09/2013
Ott Norman K. CAPT 03/25/2009
Owens Thomas E. BM2 1950
Oyer Michael A. BM1 08/05/2012
Pahdopony Sam S1 08/17/2008
Paine Jeffrey S. GM1 08/13/2012
Parkinson Thomas, Jr. PHCM 09/06/1999
Park William R. unknown 12/2009
Parks James L., Jr. BMCM 12/21/1995
Parks Robert L., Jr. F1 08/16/2009
Parrish John H. BM2 05/29/2006
Parrish Michael F. unknown 09/05/2014
Pasternak Roland A. MM1 1997
Pate John E. unknown 03/17/2014
Patterson Wilbur R. LCDR 3/30/2014
Paul Robert D. SN 12/19/2007
Paulson Kyle B. GM2 04/13/2008
Payne Eddie H., Jr. BM1 unknown
Payne William A. FPC 10/2005
Pease Walter E. LTJG 06/2010
Pechacek William R. LT 02/28/2006
Pechillo Joseph A. GM2 05/30/1966
Peck Kenneth M. BM3 03/07/2012
Peddy Hugh A. unknown 12/30/2010
Peirce Donald P. BM2 03/20/2011
Penney Ralph S. ENS unknown
Perkins James R. PH1 02/29/2008
Petersen Max G. LTJG 07/22/2004
Peterson Robert A., Jr. CAPT 04/25/2005
Petrecz Paul F. E4 07/10/1977
Petty Francis M. HMCM 07/09/2006
Phillabaum Jack H. Major (Army) 02/10/2012
Picard Joseph E.E. SKCM 06/27/2010
Pierson John M. GMCM 02/29/2012
Piper William E. SF1 09/19/1972
Platt Frederick H., Jr. unknown 07/20/2014
Pollard James W. GM2 unknown
Popham Owen E., Jr. LTJG 03/28/2008
Porter Howard N. QM1 04/2003
Potkay Peter J. unknown unknown
Potts Daniel J. SN 03/03/2012
Pouliot Marcel J., Sr. BM2 04/27/2006
Presson Donald J. GM3 03/16/1974
Presswood Clark G. ENS 11/39/1998
Price Alonzo S. EN2 07/15/1997
Probasco Todd SN unknown
Prosser James J. SoMM2 unknown
Prusak Timothy P. CWO4 11/03/2002
Putz Wayne J., Jr. GM1 09/23/2012



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