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This Memorial Page is Dedicated to All other deceased US Navy SEALs, whether on duty or not when they left us.
Due to the sheer number of names, there are several pages. Use alphabetical links to navigate.
Names with links have separate memorials you can view
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Last Name First Name Rank/Rating Date of death
Tagle Leon J. SM1 10/10/2001
Tate Lawrence H. EM2 unknown
Tatham Michael R. SOC 10/12/2011
Taylor Donald P. MM1 01/01/1971
Taylor Ervin H. BM2 09/11/1979
Taylor Forest E. LCDR unknown
Taylor Lloyd F. LCDR 10/14/1995
Taylor Lloyd F. LCDR 10/2005
Taylor Robert V. MoMM2 unknown
Taylor William E. unknown 05//27/2014
Texido William J. LTJG 08/07/1994
Thede R LT unknown
Theiss Michael W. EN2 09/28/2000
Thomas Anthony G. HM1 09/05/2011
Thomas Clyde A. GMG1 unknown
Thomas George M. HMC 12/28/1999
Thomas Paul E. MM1 11/23/1973
Thompson Ralph S. SF1 unknown
Thompson Terry K. FT2 09/06/2005
Thompson William R. GM3 06/13/2001
Thornton Ralph H., Jr. CAPT 05/25/2006
Threet William E. SWF2 1968
Tipton James C. TM2 07/11/2011
Tobin William A. ENC 11/01/2011
Tollison Robert A. CWO unknown
Tomlinson George C. ENS unknown
Tornblom Per-Erik BMCM 11/27/2009
Tournier Elwood M. QM3 unknown
Toy Paul BM2 12/15/1978
Tucker Robert D. BM3 01/22/2010
Tusi Ronald L. CW2 (Army) 08/06/1974
Uter Matthew F. GM2 12/16/2006
Vaivada Robert A. FN unknown
Vandawalker Ramon S. BM3 10/28/2012
Van Valin Robert LT unknown
VanWagenen Duryee unknown 09/01/1971
Vause Richard C. STM1 2000
Vawter Elton L. SF1 09/13/1972
Vertner Arthur L. GM2 unknown
Verville Robert H. LCDR 12/14/2002
Viera John J. LCDR 03/03/2001
Vogel Joseph E. TM2 05/06/2010
Vogel R. William CMM 05/01/2013
Vogler Louis P. CPO unknown
Vradenburg Adna L. Cox 09/27/1987
Vukelich David RD3 06/02/2003
Waddell Bernard "Bernie" EN1 10/01/2013
Wagner Clarence L. GMC 07/17/2004
Wakefield Orval W. SF1 unknown
Wall William A., Jr. SK2 unknown
Wallace James O. unknown 09/16/2014
Walsh George L. BMCM 10/02/2002
Walsh Myron F. CPO 11/28/1999
Waltz William A. unknown 05/2011
Wanous Terence R. ETNSN unknown
Warnick S.E. unknown 09/15/2014
Watkins Thomas F. SN 01/20/2003
Watson Thomas B unknown 08/2008
Webber Wendell E. CAPT 12/16/2002
Weiss Archidean A. S1 unknown
Welch David F. RADM unknown
Weller Robert M. LCDR 10/13/2008
Wells Robert F. LT 01/19/1997
Welt Gary MCPO 04/08/2014
Westforth Norman J. BM2 01/2420/07
Wetenkamp William R. BMCS 10/15/2001
Wetherell Henry T. S2 unknown
Wheeler William B. HMC 12/16/1983
Whelan William P. CPO 07/10/1970
White Durwood H. SM2 12/28/2009
White Matthew A. BUCN 01/07/2013
White Vincent E. SN 03/17/2012
Wiermers Alonzo H. BM2 07/03/2006
Wile Homer W. LTJG 03/15/2012
Willardson Arnold D. BM1 10/06/1982
Wilbourne David G. CAPT 01/18/2010
Wilbur John S, Jr. ENS 07/26/2013
Wilhide John N., Jr. GM2 01/10/1998
Willia Neil R. MoMM3 04/04/2008
Willinsky Jerome unknown 1986
Williams James E. BM2 12/12/2009
Williams Richard L. HMC 01/20/2008
Williams Lowell K. CWO4 04/01/2010
Williamson Bruce L. FN 1980
Willinsky Jerome J. GM2 01/1986
Willis Claude, Sr. CMDCM 05/27/1985
Wilson Harold R. DM2 07/11/2007
Winkler Duncan SN 11/14/2012
Winters Richard M. HM1 2008
Winters Robert A. GM1 02/16/2008
Wise Jeremy J. IS3 12/30/2009
Witherow Robert L. DMCM 03/13/2011
Withrow Dwight E. BUH3 unknown
Wold Anthon D. GM1 04/23/2006
Wolff Kenneth L. LCDR 02/24/1973
Wong Thomas D. FN 08/13/2012
Wood Sam unknown 06/2010
Woodlock John G. unknown 12/06/2006
Woods Tyrone S. SCPO 09/12/2012
Worthington Robert K. EN3 01/17/2004
Wright (Severini) William F. Jr. SM3 01/17/2010
Wrysinski Donald J. CMDR 01/18/1963
Yankulove Anthony P. EN1 unknown
Yoakum Howard K. SA 11/19/2008
Young Darryl L. unknown 06/05/2004
Young Donald E. LCDR 12/12/1997
Young Douglas A. HMCM 10/15/2007
Young Ryan B. GMG1 09/07/2005
Young Stephen G. CAPT 06/15/2010
Young Thomas "Red" F. EN3 03/05/2014
Youngerman John P. TM1 04/26/1996
Zajac Frank J. SF1 10/16/1990
Zell Frederick C. BM2 unknown
Zimmer Leo M. unknown unknown
Zink Robert A. GM3 11/12/2012
Zinn John M. GM3 05/12/2010
Zmuda Daniel H. BT3 02/09/2008
Zyski Donald L. EN3 11/06/2013



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