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This Memorial Page is Dedicated to All other deceased US Navy SEALs, whether on duty or not when they left us.
Due to the sheer number of names, there are several pages. Use alphabetical links to navigate.
Names with links have separate memorials you can view
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Last Name First Name Rank/Rating Date of death
Saillant Ronald E. CPO 12/10/1982
Salerni Paul N. LT unknown
Salter Norman S., Jr. MoMM3 unknown
Salts Jack L. HM1 08/26/2008
Sanders James K. ETN3 11/22/1968
Sanders Maurice R. RM3 11/05/2008
Sarber John D., Jr. CAPT 02/17/2006
Saunders David G. CAPT unknown
Savoie Lloyd J. FTC unknown
Sayer Michael A. SOC 01/15/2012
Scandiffio Robert HM2 11/18/2011
Schaedler Robert A. SN 05/09/2013
Schaffner Eugene S2 12/23/2002
Schaible David L. CAPT unknown
Schantz Frank M. MoMM1 08/14/2007
Scheid Waldo W. ENS 10/24/2013
Schloesser Elbert J. unknown 02/06/2002
Schmidt Edward C. BMCM 02/29/2004
Schmidt James M. PC3 01/03/1999
Schmidt Donald R. AN unknown
Schooley J. R. PO1 09/21/2011
Schowalter Joseph J. GM1 2007
Schultz Rapheal W. MM2 02/06/1977
Schwab Donald L. SF1 03/31/2011
Schwalenberg DeWayne G. QM3 03/01/2011
Schworm John D. QM3 01/26/2010
Scibetta Albert COX unknown
Scollise Frank EN1 08/15/1979
Scott Andrew H. OS2 11/10/2099
Scott David B. LTJG 10/12/2002
Scott James R. Msgt(USMC) 02/26/2004
Scrafford Michael J. IC3 08/16/2001
Seiber William N. EM3 unknown
Sessin Fred, Jr. Cox unknown
Shaalan Mohammed H. SKSN 03/18/2006
Shadduck Gary N. TSNN 08/03/2012
Shadnaw David F. FA 06/30/2010
Shanahan Kevin C. RM3 10/04/2012
Shaw Mark L LCDR 01/27/2013
Sheehan Robert unknown unknown
Sheehy Sean P. BM1 03/29/1999
Shenners Charles J. CPO 09/14/1996
Shield Wayne E. BMCS 04/03/2004
Schuler Franklin G. GM1 06/04/2012
Simmons Gilbert H. SF1 unknown
Sims Harlan K. BM1 02/27/2014
Singleton Joseph C. CM2 12/11/2009
Sirois Rodney D. CWO4 07/22/2006
Siville Randal D. SN 01/26/2012
Slaughter Scott G. ENC 08/21/2002
Slesarenko Walter FN unknown
Smith Dwight W. MM1 01/31/2009
Smith Gary R. RDCM 03/23/2009
Smith Jack O. GM2 10/15/2000
Smith Joseph L. BMC 07/20/2002
Smith Morton S2 unknown
Smith Ronald K. LT 6/29/2011
Smithwick Thomas J. LTJG 07/10/2003
Soltis Bruce C. HTC 09/05/2013
Soukup Edward G. EN unknown
South Stephen A. HM1 04/21/2006
Southcott Marvin A. DM2 unknown
Southard William T., Sr. BM1 12/19/1995
Spearin Floyd MM1c 12/27/2012
Specht Kenneth W. ME1 unknown
Speck George P. BM2 01/13/2005
Speer Fletcher L. FP2 03/17/2013
Spellman Edward unknown 01/2007
Spence John P. GM1c 10/25/2013
Spencer Michael T. GM1 10/30/2003
Spillane Maurice J. SN 04/21/2010
Spillane Thomas L. SoM3 unknown
Spry John P., Jr. Bkr1 09/02/2000
St Pierre Arthur J., Jr. SN 10/10/2002
Stabelein William R. GM3 unknown
Staley Joseph F. BM1 06/10/2005
Stamey Bobby G. SN 3/22/1998
Stange Kenneth H. YNSN 3/26/2012
Stanton R. B.F., III AN 1997
Stanton Robert F. CAPT 06/30/2006
Staples Henry E. LCDR 10/08/2006
States Louis A. CAPT 1977
Staudt Henry E. LCDR 08/2001
Staley Joseph F. BM1 06/2005
Steffy Charles W., Jr. BMCM 01/21/2001
Stephenson John M. CAPT 10/12/1982
Stevens Chester C. GM1 unknown
Stewart Robert J. S1 09/23/2005
Stewart Robert W. MoMM3 unknown
Stimson Tyler S. PR2 07/17/2010
Stone George R. unknown 03/11/2006
Strenk Michael A. RM3 12/29/2007
Strickland Fredrick G. RM2 1959
Strickland John W. SK2 unknown
Stright Stephen A., Jr. CWO4 06/13/2004
Studer Vern E. FA 02/18/2010
Stump Glenn D. RM2 09/02/2009
Sulik Michael J. BM2 1946
Sulinski Benjamin J. GMC 1971
Sullivan C. Gardner, II LTJG 01/10/2013
Sullivan Warren LT 05/23/2007
Summers Norman J. CWT unknown
Sumner Jacque A. AQ2 10/31/2006
Sumpter Paul C. BM2 unknown
Supplee Benjamin G. MCPO 05/28/2008
Sutcliffe George H. LCDR 01/25/2012
Suter Michael S. CWO4 07/18/2014
Sutherland William D. QMC 03/31/2010
Swan Benjamin D. LTJG 05/10/2013
Swats Calvin L. GM2 unknown
Swatzell Jim C. AOF3 12/04/2013
Sweesy Clayton J. EOHCN 05/01/1998



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